Can movies promote peace?

Can movies promote peace?

In order to promote peace, many actions have been undertaken. Several conferences and summits have been carried out to discuss ways to preserve mutual peace. It is also worth mentioning the other peacekeeping efforts with the different measures that have been taken. Apart from those direct courses of action, there are some other oblique ways to enhance peace.

Prem Rawat, who is an Ambassador of peace, chooses to send out messages of peace to persuade people in the world to establish peace. Besides, he set up the Prem Rawat TPRF Foundation to carry out humanitarian actions. Apart from that, cinematography has contributed a lot in the establishment of peace. Can movies really enhance peacekeeping efforts? 

How can movies promote peace?

By transmitting messages of peace through the movie scripts

Movies are the most convincing means of proving something to people, and especially the most eloquent tool for transmitting messages of peace. Owing to the advancement of technology, more and more people have become fascinated with the mediatized world, especially with the audiovisual media. Some movie makers rebuild imaginary scenes, and then, they do their best concretize those movie scenes. Movie scripts convey messages to the viewers.

Some of the messages are written in such a way as to promote global peace. In order to persuade the viewers to nurture the desire to preserve peace in them, movie writers, movie directors and actors transmit thoughts of peace through the scenarios. The best thing about it is that the messages of peace can spread faster through movies. 

Through scenes showing the down sides of wars and conflicts

In order to convince the public about the harmful impacts of conflicts on the society, it is more appropriate and efficient to use movies. By showing war movies to the public, movie makers manage to demonstrate the damages and losses which result from violence and conflicts.

A large number of movies show scenes of dramas, violent tragedies and bloody conflicts. Such movies have similar objectives, which consist in demonstrating that the use of weapons harms peace and causes considerable human losses. Therefore, movies have become another efficient tool for the setting and preservation of peace.

Through educational movies which focus on peace keeping

The audiovisual field plays a key role in instruction and education. To accomplish its mission, it is crucial that the media takes its share of duty in the peacekeeping effort. In the past, movies were the only means that movie makers used to convey peace messages to the audience. But later, another alternative developed, which consists in transmitting peace messages through educational movies.

Some of the movies focus on international geopolitics, on the history of humanity, on the evolution of civilization and human thoughts; while some other movies highlight the actions of interventions to keep peace. Such movies could certainly influence how the public behaves and how they proceed in life. As a result, the educational movies can also contribute to gearing people on which courses of action they should take so as to ensure a long-lasting peace in the world.

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