How do movies represent peace?

How do movies represent peace?

To the extent that safeguarding peace is crucial, all available means are deployed. Movies are among these means. They can eminently broadcast an uncomplicated message which is easily intercepted by television viewers. In fact, the cinematic approach is used to persuade people to promote peace in a new and efficient way.

For Indian peace messenger and ambassador Prem Rawat, writing is his instrument. He publishes peace messages in the form of texts. In addition to Prem Rawat's actions, other people contribute to peacekeeping effort through movies. But first, we need to know the peace messages delivered by each movie.

How can movies represent harmony?

Diffusion of peace at the end of wars on movies

In order to promote the representation of peace in movies and stories, it is necessary to look back at the war scenes. Action movies show mainly the permanent use of armed forces and weapons. And generally, with those kinds of movies, film managers and makers always try to show that war is somehow a way to find peace through violence. When conflicts end, peace is obviously represented in the movies.

Spreading peace through conflict resolution

There are myriads of action movies which highlight the contrast between the kind people to the villains. The kinds are referred to those who are doing everything to establish and safeguard peace and they will not let the villains impact society. This is a simple way for the movie directors and film-makers to represent peace. In that kind of movie, the ingenuities to resolve conflicts are impressive.

The nice actors never give up until they reach their goal which is establishing tranquility. And once the villains are neutralized, the rest of the movie focuses on calm, peace and serenity.

Diffusion of peace through the heroism

Movies about super heroes often portray them as peace symbols. With them, there is nothing to be fearful of. Through the heroes' actions and behaviors, movies highlight a fictional version of peace. Even if it is just a fiction, heroism movies disclose numerous scripts which represent peace.

These super heroes are considered as the vigilant team who are advocated to safeguard peace and tranquility. Heroism forms a way to credibly represent peace as far as cinematography is concerned.

Spreading peace through a happy ending

The emblematic beacon of movies is a happy ending. There are movies which have unpredictable endings; however, most cases, the ending is always a happy one. And the happy ending happens when all of the adventures end, when all of the main characters get on with their lives and when the movie ends with good events. This is away to represent peace through movies.

There are myriads of ways to demonstrate a happy ending in stories; yet most of the time, movies always save the best part for the ending. And this is how peace is represented through the happy endings in tales and stories.

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