6 best quotations and sayings about peace

6 best quotations and sayings about peace

In order to build a world where peace reigns, the best thing to do is to start by undertaking some good behavioral actions. Accomplishing many good deeds without being convinced of their benefits is not sufficient. It is necessary that those acts come from the heart. Genuine peace depends on each individual and it begins with everyone's will to do what is good.

If you are among the people who are not yet willing to do so, then, it is advisable to get inspired from quotations or proverbs about peace. Prem Rawat, who is a messenger of peace, who relays countless messages of peace in the world. That is how he promotes peace to the world. Apart from that, he created a peace foundation which is known as the Prem Rawat TPRF Foundation and which carries out humanitarian actions.

Here are 6 best quotations and sayings about peace

1- « Two liards of peace worth more than a hundred francs of quarrel ».

This proverb demonstrates that peace has always been more valuable than a conflict. Such is the literal meaning of the proverb. However, it conveys other messages which say that fighting brings nothing good but destroying, and that fighting does nothing but creating victims. Moreover, fighting and quarrels only lead to negative impacts, and as a result, peacekeeping is of primordial importance.

2- « What can you do to promote peace in the world? Go back to your home and love your family ». (Mother Teresa)

This is one of the most famous quotations of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. In fact, the message wants to convey the importance of love as the basis of peace. Without love, it won't be possible to build a peaceful life. Mother Teresa wants to tell us that peace begins from each individual, but especially from the household. According to her, peace can be defined as the act of sharing love within the family, among the members of the family.

3- « Where there is peace, God dwells ».

This French proverb aims at demonstrating the importance of peace in our life. In this proverb, God symbolizes perfection. In fact, perfection is synonymous with peaceful life. According to this proverb, leading a peaceful life is the ideal for man.

4- « To make peace with an enemy, it is necessary to work with that enemy, and your enemy becomes your partner ». (Nelson Mandela)

In this quotation, Nelson Mandela aims at highlighting that peace can be attained if there is not any difference between man and his like, and you can attain it through mutual help. According to him, you should not have any enemy.

5- « With a peaceful soul, death is nothing but happiness ».

This is also a French proverb. It wants to say that if peace dwells in you, you won't have any fear. In other words, living in peace is shaving mind tranquility. To be at peace with the others, it is primordial to be at peace with yourself.

6- « It is always easy to find money for war, but never for peace ». (Albert Brie)

Albert Brie aims at proving that man himself creates an obstacle which prevents him from having a peaceful life. According to him, man's main preoccupation is his worries. Therefore, it hinders the ideal peaceful life.